Festival Basics

1. Date: Sunday 24th November 2019

2. Times: 11am to 5pm

3. There is no cost for traders/businesses in the Bentleigh precinct to participate.

4. Register that you are participating www.bentleighfestival.com.au

• Once you are registered you will have secured the area immediately outside your business, this includes road space up to 1m beyond the parking bay.

5. Road Closure:

• Centre Road between Jasper and Wheatley Roads will be closed from 6am to 7pm. All side roads leading on to Centre Road will be closed to traffic.

• Access to Centre Road after 6am will be via the eastern end of Centre Road Only (Nepean Hwy end) from 6am to 9.30am.

festival food 2.jpeg

Food and Alcohol

What are my Requirements?

Serving Food at the Bentleigh Festival 

  • Those traders who will be selling, serving, holding preparing food of any sort must read the Victorian Department of  Health Temporary and Mobile and Food Premises Class 2 booklet. You will also be required to confirm on the bentleigh Festival Food Permit Application Form that you have read and understood this document

To access the Victorian Department of  Health Temporary and Mobile and Food Premises Class 2 booklet.

Extending your Red Line 

  • Those traders wishing to extend their red line alcohol service area for the Festival will be required to attend a workshop with Victoria Police. “If you don’t attend you can’t extend” Meeting times will be posted prior to the event.

  • Once you have attended the workshop you will be required to complete your red line application and provide 3 copies of the extension area

  • Forms and fees will be confirmed with you

Where will I be placed at the event?

The Bentleigh Traders Association have a blanket permit for the festival area, as part of that permit we need to inform the City of Glen Eira of all participants and their activities, hence it is imperative that you register

Traders who are located on Centre Road in the Festival Area

  • If you are a trader located on Centre Road in the Festival Area you will need to register to let us know you are participating (www.bentleighfestival.com.au) this will secure the area directly out front of your business, if you choose not to activate this area it may be allocated to another business.

  • You will be allocated the area directly in front of your business.

  • Your area will be as wide as your shopfront and can extend out 1 meter beyond the parking bay (if you would like to extend into your neighbours area as they are not participating you will need to let us know).

  • As the crowds will be walking down the centre of the road, you can use the footpath as part of your area however you will need to leave 1.8 meters clear (1.8m from your business front) on the footpath for disability access, this area must always be clear, with no trip hazards. We highly recommend that if you are open during the event that you activate this area (this is where you will do 99% of your business).

Traders who are not located outside of  the Festival Area

  • All traders from the Bentleigh Precinct are encouraged to participate. If you have a business that is not located on Centre Road and would like to participate we would like to assist. There are plenty of prime positions that are available for these traders, and you will get priority placement into these positions over community groups or any other vendors. If you are a food trader, we will assist with power as a minimum – please contact us to discuss.

  • If you are interested in one of these positions, we highly recommend that you contact us A.S.A.P to get the best positions locked in.

What assistance is available? 

The Bentleigh Traders Management what the festival to be as easy and successful as possible for all its members. We have secured great deals on your behalf with suppliers and we will be holding information and workshops from June to November. 

Equipment Hire.

  • Equipment Hire can sometimes be quite expensive, we have negotiated with suppliers on your behalf to try and get some of the best deals we can.

  • Equipment Hire will be available in our Bentleigh Festival shop on this website.

  • If you require power, you will also need to purchase this, bringing generators in for the festival is very expensive so this service is only available for businesses that do now have a premise in the festival area.

  • You will be able to hire marquees, fencing, tables etc, in the festival shop. (opening October 2019)

  • Equipment Hire needs to be finalised by Friday 8th November 2019

Training, Information and workshops.

  • In 2019 we will be offering a number of workshops / seminars to help you get the most our of the Bentleigh Festival. 

  • A full schedule will be posted in June 2019

  • If you would like to extend you Red Line, please email leonie@creativecommunity.net.au organise your workshop.

  • If you would like a one on one session to discuss your ideas for the Bentleigh Festival, email leonie@creativecommunity.net.au

Training & Workshop Now Closed

Bump in and Bump Out instructions

  • 6am to 7am is for Rides, stages, marquee set up along with other infrastructure. 

  • 7am to 10am Stall set up. 

  • Vehicles are allowed on the street during these times to assist with your setup all Vehicles must be off the street by 10am, please ensure while in the Festival area you have hazard lights on and you do not exceed 20km/ph. 

  • BUMP IN ENTRY is from the eastern end of Centre Road Only (we suggest you enter Centre Road from Thomas Street) 

  • BUMP IN EXIT is via Godfrey Street only 

  • BUMP OUT will commence at 5pm and finish at 7pm, street must be cleaned and ready to hand back over to VIC Roads.


  • On exit your site must be clean of all rubbish, i.e. please take all boxes, any cooking oil and any other rubbish. 

  • Any trader or group who do not remove rubbish will be charged $750 for its removal.